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About Us

When the Victorian Wines Show originated it was regarded as a bold innovation with concern it would not continue. A group of enthusiasts under the Auspices of the Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral Society implemented strategies to form the Victorian Wines Show. Alan Bidstrup, Ron Holden, Bernie Hangan, John Montgomery and Warren Straw formed the first committee. Colin Richardson, Manager of the Wine and Brandy Producers Association at the time assisted the committee achieve its first goal of a first class show. Investigation had shown the growth of and interest in Victorian wines and a need to support this growth. Seymour appeared ideal being located in central Victoria in respect of all wine growing areas.


A bit more...

In 1981 the first wine show came to fruition with Sir Rupert Hamer ED as patron and His Excellency Rear Admiral Sir Brian Murray, K.C.M.G., A.O. and Lady Murray as guests. There were 194 exhibits in the open classes and 44 in the amateur section.
Support came from notable industry professionals James Halliday, Len Evans, Dr Bryce Rankine, John Stanford and local wine-producers and media. It was evident the Victorian Wines Show was here to stay. It was the only wine show promoting wines made from grapes grown and produced in Victoria and remains so today. In 1984 eligibility for entry to the National Wines Show in Canberra was achieved and continues. Another goal was to bring the excellent quality of Victorian wines to public attention. With the support of industry and a dedicated committee with a wide range of backgrounds and a common interest being a passion of both wine and Victoria the show has continued to grow and achieve its goals. In one early article Paddy Kendler wrote that the Victorian Wines Show played a vital role in encouraging and promoting Victoria’s diverse range of wines.