Taltarni, 2019 Old Vines Shiraz



The Premier’s Trophy, launched in 2017. Gathering together the best wines of show from eleven regional wine shows in Victoria plus the best wine of show from the current Victorian Wine show to discover the “Best of the Best”. This winning wine is awarded the Premier’s Trophy.The winners are celebrated at the prestigious Parliament House Wine Tastings each year. It’s an “invitation-only” event with only twelve wines selected for entry. 


The trophy is now a regular feature of the Victorian Wine Show after being launched with support from the Victorian government, particularly from the Department of Regional Development and the Wine Growth Fund. A perpetual trophy is awarded to the wine judged the best of all the regional show winners, along with an artwork commissioned by the Victorian Wine Show committee

The wines are judged by the chief judge and the panel chairs at the conclusion of the Victorian Wine Show. It’s an extraordinary tasting because Victoria has a whole range of small to medium wineries that create the diversity of wine styles that the state’s wine industry is built on. To taste the best of the regions all in one place is a unique privilege and the diversity of Victorian wine is on full display. 


2017Burke and Wills Winery, for their Vat 1 Heathcote Shiraz

2018- The Gurdies Winery, for their 2017 Orchid Label Chardonnay

2019- Grampians Estate, for their 2017 St Ethel’s Shiraz

2021- Taltarni, for their 2019 Old Vines Shiraz

Taltarni-Old-Vine-Shiraz-2019 (1).jpg

2021 Premier's Trophy Winner